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‘Starlight Guild’ Is a Cosplay Coloring Book



Starlight Guild

A brand new comic book compiled by Milynn Sarley and featuring art by Emily Claus is bringing a spotlight to the cosplay industry.

According to Kotaku, ‘Starlight Guild‘ is a coloring book that will feature cosplayers and costume designers and turn them into works of art.

“I took my real life friends who have made strides in the world as professional costumers, photographers, models, actresses, Dungeons & Dragons game masters, cosplayers, video game creators and so much more, and made them into RPG coloring book characters,” Milynn said of the coloring book that costs only $5.

Some of the cosplayers featured include aliciamariebodyfireflypathhendoart and _fairytas.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of the coloring book making cosplay news headlines, you can do so digitally right here.



Jarod “The South Park Guy” Nandin Passes Away



Jarod Nandin

Jarod Nandin aka “The South Park Guy”, a popular cosplayer which tied in both World of Warcraft and South Park, has died due to contracting COVID-19, according to Wowhead.

Nandin gained popularity back at BlizzCon 2013, in which he portrayed a WOW games Which Has No Life and would go to great lengths, such as shaving his head in a specific way, which appealed to fans.

Nandin’s family shared his illness back in December on Twitter, a few days prior to his passing after a length battle with the coronavirus.

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Twitch Streamer Sues Cosplayer/Streamer Who Accused Him of Sexual Harassment



streamer news

A Twitch streamer from Fresno, California has filed a civil lawsuit against a fellow streamer who claims that he sexually harassed her.

Travis Mellon, 35, goes by the name of ‘HJTenchi’ on Twitch, is suing cosplayer and streamer Danica Rockwood who accused Mellon of sexual abuse, harassment and sending inappropriate photos of himself, according to the Fresno Bee.

Rockwood, 28, posted on her Twitter page that Mellon took advantage of their friendship by asking for “lewd pictures” and “sexting texts”, and also created a Google document to compile complaints of other women that Mellon allegedly harassed.

Furthermore Rockwood called Mellon a “sexual abuser” during one of her live streams.

Mellon’s attorney Mark Coleman, of Nuttall & Coleman, said that the messaging between the two was consensual, when commenting on the matter in the article.

“In the context of their relationship the text messages were appropriate and reciprocated,” Coleman said, per the article.

Coleman wrote in the lawsuit that “She (Rockwood) urged women to turn on Mr. Mellon in an attempt to ruin his livelihood.” Coleman said that Rockwood’s supporters harassed Melon while he was streaming.

“Mr. Mellon was attacked multiple times in his Twitch broadcast’s chat for hours by people calling him a sexual assaulter, predator, etc.” according to the lawsuit filed by Mellon’s legal representation.

Mellon alleges that he and Rockwood were in an “online and in-person intimate relationship between the years of 2016-2018.”

Rockwood’s allegations were mentioned in an article on Wired detailing sexual harassment in the gaming industry.

A case management hearing is scheduled for November 19, 2020 in Fresno County Superior Court.

Source: Fresno Bee

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Lottery Winner Picks Up Check in Darth Vader Cosplay



cosplay news

What better way to celebrate winning the lottery than by picking up your fat check, in Jamaican dollars, in full Darth Vader cosplay fashion?

That’s exactly what W. Brown did when he went to pick up his $95 million Jamaican dollar winnings, which breaks down to $650,000 US dollars.

“May the Millions be with you! Congrats to our #Lotto winner, W. Brown!!! Brown aka Darth Vader,” Supreme Ventures wrote.

“I don’t regularly buy from that place, I usually purchase my ticket in Old Harbour or Spanish Town, but I was on the road so I just stopped there,” he said, according to the Jamaica Gleaner.

“Life has always been very rough. I come from a poor family, sometimes I couldn’t attend school because my parents didn’t have it, but I told myself that God will help me one day so I can help my family,” he said.

“I wrote down the numbers and saw that I won! I was excited and said mi finally hol’ him now! I then had a shower and went to sleep.”

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