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Pokimane Slams Viewer Following Comments About Hafu

Image: Sudairy

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys wasn’t playing around when it came to the conduct of a viewer in one of her recent twitch streams, going as far as to ban them from her channel over their comments during the live stream.

Following the Activision-Blizzard lawsuit and with the disturbing new interview with Sweet Anita highlighting the conduct and constant sexual harassment that female streamers and content creators have to put up with in the industry, Pokimane brought up the recent tweets in response to former professional Hearthstone player Rumay ‘Hafu’ Wang, who claimed that Blizzard let let a WoW compete under a name that targeted her back in 2008.

One particular viewer was in chat and received a ban, only to donate moments later and threaten to unsubscribe from Pokimane’s channel if she did not lift the ban. Pokimane took aim at the viewer after discovering some of his disturbing comments in her chat.

“You are exactly the kind of person we don’t want in my community or in the greater gaming community at all,” Pokimane said, during the live stream on July 29th (h/t Dexerto). “It is not just a joke to call someone who’s underage hot and justify the fact that people are saying they were going to sexually assault them. Also, it’s not okay to, instead of apologizing for your shi**y comments, to try to flip it and call me or my mods boring for ‘not getting the joke.’ You are so oblivious to your own problems, it’s painful.”

“You think I give a f**k about your $2 sub? You think that’s going to make me think that what you’re saying is ok?” she continued. “I hope you get banned off this whole platform my guy.”

It’s yet another disturbing example of how the industry and culture is for a number of women streamers, gamers, pro players and content creators, a trend that needs to stop but seems to be continuously excused by big brands and companies.


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