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DelightfullyDani Discusses Twitch Suspension, Issues with TOS


Bodypainter and streamer ‘DelightfullyDani‘ is speaking out about Twitch’s decision to ban her channel following a recent bodypainting stream.

“When I got banned I was extremely surprised cause I’ve been doing bodypainting for a little over a month and a half with no issues from twitch moderation” DelightfullyDani told Sudairy in an exclusive interview.

“I even had applied for partner during this time. Had my channel properly reviewed, even though I was denied, twitch had seen my content and encouraged me to keep streaming and reapply in 2 weeks.

“So, the ban really caught me off guard cause I had complied with TOS as I always had.”

Dani points out that she followed Twitch’s rules regarding bodypaint content.

“Using artist grade pasties with two layers of latex on them” she explained. “Twitch TOS says “sufficient coverage can include a combination of latex and paint, artist pasties, or tape with opaque paint” which I had complied with. I had my chest fully painted before I was on cam.

I even went on BRB screens when I had to put my paint brush down to adhere to their “break” TOS policy which states “you cannot take long breaks while in body paint attire” so to avoid any issues I’d simply turn off my camera if I ate, vaped, or did anything that wasn’t directly painting.”

Dani feels that Twitch’s TOS is incredibly vague, echoing the concerns and issues experienced by a number of twitch streamers over the last few years.

“Their bodypainting TOS is like all of their TOS” Dani said. “Incredibly vague and not helpful at all. They don’t clarify what is “proper” coverage other than just saying to cover the nipple with a piece of material and paint over it with non transparent paint. Their “breaks” aren’t defined either as what they consider “too long” is it a minute limit? 5 minutes?

“We don’t know cause they never clarified. They also don’t clarify what painting is appropriate. Are certain themes or characters not allowed ? They don’t state it. All of their TOS is incredibly vague and I’ve made attempts at emailing for clarification and was told in a paraphrase “we cannot clarify if certain things are allowed until we see them. So once you stream it if we deem it against TOS when we see it, we’ll take the appropriate action” which as you can guess isn’t helpful in clarifying their already incredibly vague TOS.

Dani also believes that the way Twitch deals with bodypainters is problematic due to it’s inconsistency.

“The way they handle bans regarding bodypainters seems to be a sort of Russian roulette” she claims. “It may fly for one person, but another person is punished. Extremely inconsistent which leaves only more confusion and question on what is right and wrong. They also are super strict and harsher on bodypainters.

While a wardrobe malfunction on any normal stream may just warrant a 24 hour ban. A bodypaint malfunction almost instantly gets a permanent or 30 day suspension. Which you could argue why is one punished harsher than the other ? There has been a bias against the bodypainting community which is clear to see as many artists have received extremely harsh punishment for minor violations.”

Despite the issues, and the fallout, Dani believes that her channel should come back as she believes she really didn’t violate any of their rules.

“If my channel comes back which it should as I never violated any of their rules” Dani says.

“I plan to continue to bodypaint and do my standard content. I may start layering my coverage with pasties. Tape. AND latex. Or even just paint with a tube top or strapless bra instead because it isn’t worth the constant headaches of if today is the day twitch decides that a shadow they saw or a paint color is “inappropriate” to them today.”

While Dani’s experience has been unfortunate and has left her upset, she isn’t completely abandoning the Amazon streaming platform, but may branch her content out to YouTube as well.

“I’ve been debating perhaps taking my bodypaint content to YouTube to avoid the constant siege the bodypaint community seems to be under by twitch” Dani said.

“But I plan to stay on twitch and continue my daily streaming. I’m gonna stay because I refuse to run away and back down.

Dani believes that there should be a positive community for bodypainters on Twitch, which is helping her in deciding to stick with the platform when her channel is unbanned.

“I want there to be a safe area for artists to express themselves. Bodypainters have a right to share their creative process on twitch just like everyone else. I feel like backing down and running away will just let people think that it doesn’t belong on twitch. Bodypainting belongs on twitch and the community should be safe to stream just like everyone else is.”

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