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Escape From Tarkov Patch 0.12.7

Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is rolling out patch 0.12.7 which will come with new features, updates, and changes.

Check out the details regarding Escape from Tarkov’s Patch 0.12.7.


  • Customs expansion (expansion of the industrial area, construction site, added many new explorable buildings, stationary weapons, a new location for Reshala spawn, etc.)
  • Added new scav boss – Sanitar.
  • New quests on Shoreline
  • System for reporting suspicious players, unacceptable nicknames and game bugs abusers (on the post-match screen)
  • Improved AI behavior:
  • Bots can pick up items now
  • Improved AI behavior when they see bodies
  • Bots now can pick up a second firearm from bodies
  • AI now can greet each other or player scavs, showing their peaceful intentions
  • Bots will eat\drink while in peaceful mode
  • AI will perform a mag check when in peaceful mode
  • Bots can check someone for friend or foe by aiming at him for some time, if they’re not sure of one’s intentions
  • Bots will sprint while patrolling if they consider the spot being dangerous
  • AI will be able to storm the player as a group, if he’s holding position and attacking them
  • AI will try to avoid dangerous places

New weapons

  • FN GL40 Grenade launcher
  • Mossberg 590A1 Shotgun

New ammo

  • .366 AP-M
  • .45 ACP Hydr-Shock
  • 9×19 mm QuakeMaker
  • 9×19 mm 7N31
  • .45 ACP Lasermatch FMJ
  • .45 ACP AP
  • 7.62×51 mm M993
  • 40×46 мм M381 HE
  • 40×46 мм M386 HE
  • 40×46 мм M406 HE
  • 40×46 мм M433 HEDP
  • 40×46 мм M441 HE
  • 40×46 мм M576 buckshot

Added new stimulants

  • 3-(b-TG)
  • L1 (Noradrenaline)
  • P22 (Specimen 22)
  • AHF1-M
  • Meldonin
  • “Obdolbos” cocktail
  • M.U.L.E
  • Added an additional icon for the network connection status in case of high packet loss
  • In the container slots window, the container tag is now displayed in the header

Iteration of improving and reworking the skill system

  • New skill “Surgery”
    • Reduces HP penalty for surgery
    • Improved surgery speed
    • (Elite) No HP penalty for the restored body part
    • (Elite) Maximum increase in the speed of surgery
  • New skill “Aim drills”
    • Increase of the aiming speed
    • Decrease the volume of aiming
    • (Elite) No hand shaking at any stamina value, first 2 seconds after aiming
    • (Elite) Reduced hands shaking during tremor and fracture, the first 2 seconds after aiming
  • Rework of the “Strength” skill
    • Increase all weight limits
    • Increase the speed of the sprint
    • Increase the jump height
    • Increase the strength of the grenade throw
    • Increase the strength of a melee attack
    • (Elite) The weight does not take into account the weapons on the sling and on the back
    • (Elite) Melee attack can be stronger than usual
  • Rework of the “Endurance” skill
    • Increased feet stamina
    • Reduced stamina consumption for jumping
    • Increased holding breath time when ads
    • Increased the speed of breath recovery
    • (Elite) Maximum increase in breathing recovery rate
    • (Elite) Breathing is no longer dependent on energy
    • (Elite) Increased stamina reserve
  • Various fixes in old skills
  • Added 5 HP to the health of “Chest” zone (from 80 to 85)


  • Optimized the rendering of decals
  • Fixed freezes that happened when the sound of thunder or the sound of grenades exploding was played
  • Optimized the performance of the game server
  • Fixed an issue with killing the boss of a group of raiders who appeared on the scene after interacting with the trigger was leading to errors on the server
  • Minor optimizations on the first shot or hit
  • Optimization of hideout sounds
  • Fixes of errors that could potentially lead to different freezes


  • Iteration of fixes and corrections in UI
  • Bug with the PostFX menu that remains on the screen after closing the settings
  • Bug playing the sound of contusion if the sound is turned off in the settings
  • Bug of jerky animation of shooting weapons in the Hideout shooting range
  • The passage of raiders on the laboratory through the doors
  • A bug that allowed you to quickly move when constantly tapping the “Run” button when overweight
  • AS VAL with the handle adapter “Rotor 43” is now impossible to fold
  • Inability to exit the location via the paid exit “Car”, if you reconnect at the start of the exfil timer
  • Bug with throwing away the magazine when reloading the weapon via the context menu
  • Error 228 when receiving items from an expired email
  • Formulas for calculating prices for items with its resource and its commissions
  • After the reconnect, the equipment that was not searched become searched
  • The sound of the visor on/off remained at one point, and does not follow the character
  • Bug that wouldn’t block buttons on the bottom panel after reconnecting as a Scav
  • Interface block if you go to the “Map” screen without a map
  • Bug when the “Receive all” button opened only the first and last message with items
  • Various bugs with switching the sound from “outdoor ” to “indoor”, and back, when reconnecting
  • Bug of not blocking an item after it was added to the merchant’s sales table
  • Cartridges from packs of cartridges found in raid now have the status ” found in the raid”
  • Error when studying items from the scav box
  • Fixes in the flea Market
  • The search will be updated if you delete and add an item to the wish list
  • Loss of a player’s nickname and rating from the offer line after applying filters
  • The “search by item” option now resets the selected filters
  • Bug displaying the loading spinner on top of the list of offers
  • The mount without the “Found in raid” label ceased to be semitransparent (blocked) in the selection of the item for the offer, if you put and remove the mod on it
  • Bug when the merchant’s avatar was flattened
  • Incorrect tag behavior on marked items for a flea market offer if you select multiple items from the container, closing and opening the container
  • Horizontal scrollbar on the product sales screen
  • Bug when the player couldn’t put 2 identical weapons on the flea market if one of them was included in the starter kit for pre-order
  • Error 1508 – You send bad items- when putting an empty pack of cartridges on a flea Market
  • Bug, when for buying through a flea market goods from npc merchants needed items found in raid
  • Fixed in weapon presets
  • Displaying the indicator “you have mods to build” when there are no mods for the build in the stash
  • Bug when the build could have been built with the wrong mod that was not in the preset
  • Weapon disassembly bug if you build the same preset twice with the same weapon
  • Ability to select items that are blocked for purchase, via the presets by clicking the button “Select all”
  • Packs of items are no longer displayed in the purchase lists of preset mods
  • The purchase lists of presets no longer display items the player’s own offers
  • Added an error about lack of space when purchasing preset mods
  • Bug when opening presets through the lower panel that caused the game client to freezeFixed in the hideout
  • Various fixes in the bitcoin farm
  • White authorization screen if you improve the pre-order version while in the hideout
  • Bug when it was possible to install a filter with zero resource in the “Water collector” and it could not be uninstalled
  • Calculation of fuel consumption time in the “Generator ” zone
  • Bug duplicating the canister icon, when selecting a canister, in the “Generator” zone
  • Various bugs in group chat
  • Bugs with the discharge of weapons in the stash
  • Incorrect position of the fire mod pin and the turn of the barrel of the PPSH
  • Visual bug for displaying a zero bonus in the base level zones in the Hideout
  • Visual bug with the availability of time selection before the raid on the Laboratory screen
  • A bug where the player could spawn outside the location
  • Spamming error NullReferenceException: MuzzleManager
  • An error that occurs every time after treatment or getting a fracture
  • “Failed to create device file” error that occurs during client downtime
  • Errors when assigning voice commands
  • Spamming error when a large number of bots are active in the offline mode
  • Various errors while loading in raid
  • Various bugs and issues with Customs location
  • Various bugs and improvements related to AI
  • Fixed a bug when bots didn’t follow a grenade throw with a voiceline
  • Fixed a handful of bugs related to bots getting stuck
  • Fixed a bug where a Gluhar would not react to a killed in the head ally
  • Fixed a bug when bots tried to heal a blacked-out body partBots are now able to treat debuffs on blacked-out body parts again
  • Fixed a handful of bugs with bots knocking out doors
  • Other AI related bug fixes and improvements
  • Various localization fixes and improvements
  • Other minor bugs and issues


  • Now it is possible to examine items from the construction requirements screen in the Hideout
  • Added displaying the time before the bleeding effect disappears in the stash
  • Now if you are not matched to the raid within 45 minutes, the search will be canceled
  • Updated SV-98 animation, hold, new animations when entering and exiting a sprint, new hold in the menu and on the loading screen
  • Updated PPSH animation, hold, and new animations when entering and exiting a sprint

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