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Twitch Bans Partner for Calling Female Streamer “fat, ugly”

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Image: Sudairy

Twitch has swung the ban hammer on a partnered streamer for his comments towards another streamer during a live twitch stream this week.

It all went down on May 21st when Twitch small streamers itsrachryan and her friend were hosting a Just Chatting stream where those who donated subs would have their names written on the face or body of the streamers.

It all went south when ‘iNSUPERABLE’ decided to join the fray and streaming his reaction/commentary of their live twitch stream.

“If I saw the girl on the left dude, in a bar in Montreal, I would definitely skip on that s**t,” he said, according to Dexerto. “The girl on the right dude, we can talk about it dude. The girl on the left dude, she’s like the fat, ugly wing girl. You know like when you tell your chick, hey if you come to my party, bring your friend right, and she comes to the party, and that’s the friend she brings.”

The comments made their way back to the female streamers who then called out Twitch and pushed them to act. Twitch responded by issuing a 14 day ban to iNSUPERABLE.

“This partnered streamer came into my friend’s chat last night being more than just disrespectful and using our streams for his own content. People like this shouldn’t have a platform on Twitch or anywhere,” itsrachryan said.

As if female streamer don’t already have a tough time on streaming platforms, Twitch female streamers seem to be consistently targeted and harassed on the Amazon platform, and the platform hasn’t exacted made things safer.

iNSUPERABLE defended himself by posting a long Twitlonger statement, alleging that the girls had demanded money in return for not reporting him to Twitch.

“She kept going at me and roasting me and trying to shame me for what I said above and at some point, I got fed up and ended up calling her the words that I did.” he said while admitting that he was wrong for making the comments. “I didn’t like how she was trying to ”blackmail” me into donating even tho I HAD donated.”

Some may believe the ban is a mere slap on the wrist, but the incidents sheds more negative light on the problems that have not been phased out by the streaming giant.

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