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DrLupo Signs Exclusive Deal with YouTube


Popular streamer Ben “DrLupo” Lupo, who has utilized his popular twitch streams to raise money for charities, is taking his talents to YouTube, inking an exclusive deal that marks the end of his Twitch career.

“Family time is crazy important, [as is] reducing the amount of pressure, because mental health is crazy important,” Lupo said, during an interview with the Washington Post. “Everybody’s just trying to secure the bag, right? There’s no shame in that. That’s literally why everybody gets up and goes to work, right? So of course, the financial situation that YouTube presented me without a doubt is like, you know, I’m secure for life. Everybody’s trying to get to that point. Why would I say no to that?”

While Lupo will be introducing a new schedule with his move to YouTube, fans can expect more of the same when it comes to his content.

“Obviously, I’ll still be playing video games on YouTube,” Lupo said. “But we have a chance now to do some new stuff. We’ve got some trips coming up, so there’ll be behind-the-scenes stuff. I can record some vlog-style content, and a lot of people who are at my level that are dads don’t really put out that kind of stuff.”

Lupo also discussed the challenges for twitch channels on the Amazon streaming platform.

“On Twitch, I’m a pretty big fish in a lake,” Lupo said. “When [I] move to YouTube, I’m a little fish in the ocean. There’s so much room to grow, and there’s so many opportunities to do incredible things with all sorts of content creators on YouTube. I think if it were any other platform, I might be concerned. But YouTube is, like, it. I think people underestimate the size of the platform and how much you can do with it.”

“The example I try and set means just as much regardless of what platform I’m on,” Lupo said. “Twitch is without a doubt the king of livestreaming. YouTube is huge, but the livestream gaming side is a little smaller. Same with Facebook. As those things get refined and built out and fleshed out better, and they’re more adoptable for viewers, it’s gonna matter less and less what platform people stream on. It’s more about supporting the content creators themselves.”

“If after six years,” Lupo said, “my list of accomplishments includes raising almost $10 million for St. Jude [Children’s Research Hospital], being on countless websites and in tons of advertisements, being able to commentate the ‘Fortnite’ World Cup, being involved in Make-A-Wish events and meeting kids in person at St. Jude — if I’ve fallen off, then man, it sure sounds like I did a damn good job during my heyday or whatever you want to call it.”

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