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Popular demand – a guide to marketing content

Popular Demand is our section dedicated to helping writers and website owners, just like you, with understanding what helps market your content in the new day and age.

Marketing is a huge part of what we do on the website, especially when we want to give you the On Demand content that you may need. So, when we say On Demand, we want you, the reader, to understand the many layers of what kind of marketing is out there, and the content you can leverage.

Let’s break it all down, and start with search engine optimization, which is ventured into gaming and content creation with the following:

  • esports seo – for the world of esports, and intended for esports organizations and businesses
  • video game seo – for those who are on a team, of individually building a video game
  • influencer marketing – pushing your content can also mean working with some social media influencers to help promote your content, website, or brand.
  • content creator marketing – sometimes, you may want to go a step further and work with the creators behind a YouTube video.
  • web3 – and for those interested in newer markets such as cryptocurrency and NFTs, then you have crypto seo and nft seo to help

Where the Content Thrives

You may be asking where can I find the specific content tailored to YOUR content? Let’s break down a number of areas, because it isn’t always easy to find the niches that you specifically work within, it can actually be quite a challenge.

Here are some examples of a niche content category:


Most of you reading this come here for the gaming, but we also have some great recipes as well, archived on this site. Many of which are directly from the cooking content creators that serve up the best dishes on platforms. That’s right, you can checkout YouTube Cooking and even Twitch Cooking to find and even post your own content.


As many of you know, music is a big, rich, popular medium and now music content creators are getting more public spotlight than ever before. Some of you may simply want to find underground music, connect with new musicians, or tune into some music streams that may not be as accessible to you on radio, or music apps that are mainstream.

Now, you have an alternative to find and share your tunes


Getting into shape is at the very top of many to-do lists and the annual New Years Resolutions, but often you can have a hard time making it to the gym, which has made the reliance even greater to find the best fitness content creators and the most popular and effective fitness streams in the industry.

But let’s be more specific on the kinds of fitness routines you can find online: Yoga streams, weightlifting streams, pilates streams and other online classes. Keep in mind these may be free, but many others could come with a cost.

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