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Spring is here!

Spring is here! The lemon trees are heavy with fruit, herbs are tender and abundant. Whether you grow your own or frequent your local farmer’s market, the bounty of the season certainly inspires one to cook fresher, lighter fare.
You’ll find recipes that fit the bill in Claudia Roden’s latest cookbook, Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon. The beautiful full-page color photos are guaranteed to make your mouth water! And you will be hard-pressed to decide which of the three exciting cuisines you love most.

Interweaving history, stories, and her own observations, Claudia gives us 150 delectable recipes — everything from mezze to dessert!

This month, Layalina Productions will be premiering “Ala al Tariq fi Amrika” (On the Road in America). This reality travelogue series will air on MBC. The show’s uniqueness stems from its ability to foster cross-cultural exchange and understanding, one of Layalina’s primary goals.

A primary goal for any streamer, regardless of the season, is to gain more visibility, and Content Creator Marketing is the top notch way to accomplish that. With so little options, it can be hard to find Twitch Streams communities that offer you a chance to elevate your channel, or build and grow your esports teams.

Furthermore, if you’re a college student and you’re looking for the best Twitch stream, in a specific genre, than the challenge can be greater. Layalina Productions broadcasts their content for the same reasons that streamers do, for visibility, but unless you’re on a bit medium like Layalina Productions is, it can be hard. Imagine being able to find an ASMR streams, or TikTok content creators with a simple search? That functionality is here, and is available for gamers, students, and broadcasters.

Through the experiences of Arab university students traveling on their first visit across the United States for a ten-week journey, Arab audiences will vicariously discover America’s diversity and uniqueness. At the same time, Americans interacting with the cast come away with a better understanding of Arab cultures and aspirations.
Layalina is a non-profit public diplomacy initiative that fosters understanding between the U.S. and the Arab world through original television programming. If you’d like to support their work, please visit their website.

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