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Twitch Streamer Suspended Over Religious Rant to Fortnite Players



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Twitch streamer Dr Witnesser has been banned from streaming on twitch after he made controversial religious remarks to others while playing Fortnite, based on his view of Christianity.

Dr Witnesser didn’t take the ban lightly, posting on Twitter that  he believed that Twitch was being part of the “#cancelchristianity culture” for banning him for “talking about what the Bible says on stream.”

However, he didn’t exact garner the support he may have thought he would, with a lot of people taking him to task for his comments, not taking accountability for his actions, and how he has handled the situation as a whole.

The streamer was chatting with a young Muslim and Fortnite player, who sounds like a child, about religious culture when he concluded by telling him he would go to hell for his sins if he died.

You can see the interaction below:


Since the suspension, the streamer has now moved to DLive.


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Astralis Partners with Universal Music Group for New ‘Music Initiative’




Esports organization Astralis has teamed up with Universal Music Group for a new music initiative and it has been officially kicked off with a new track released by Mattis as the first song of the collective initiative.

The goal of the initiative is to ‘provide artists from different backgrounds, who share a passion for gaming, a room to play and create new music inspired by the passion they share and live’, according to an official press release.

“Together with Universal Music, today we have launched a new cross-culture initiative to amplify the close connection between the global cultures of music and gaming” Astralis Co-founder Jakob Lund Kristensen stated in the release.

“Just like music, esports and gaming knows no borders and does not distinguish between age, gender, religion, or anything else than the passion you share. This is what we want to celebrate by creating a room for different artists to tell their own story, share their passion for gaming and to become an even more integrated part of the gaming culture.

“It is all about embracing the positives of music, gaming, and passion. We want to be an even larger part of the daily life of Astralis fans, also outside tournaments, but we also invite all others, who might not have a close relation to gaming, to come closer and feel some of the passion.”

You can check out the new song from Mattis below. Mattis, who is officially the first artist under the Astralis brand, says that “The song … is all about fighting for what you believe in, no matter what everybody else tries to tell you. It is about lifting each other up to achieve something bigger than ourselves. For me it is very much what Astralis is all about, and it is my hope that the song will bring people together around a common passion.”

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SimbaOnFire Discusses Twitch, TikTok Success




One of the more driving forces for any successful twitch channel or brand is the ability to leverage social media, including newer platforms, and one content creator is leveraging his success on TikTok to build a community for his channel on Twitch.

SimbaOnFire has amassed over 1.1 million followers on TikTok, and is verified, and his success on the popular video platform the content creator building a presence on Amazon’s streaming platform.

The success on TikTok seemed to have come out of nowhere, and overnight.

“So, I joined the app just to have fun” SimbaOnFire told us. “My daughter really loved the app and downloaded it on my phone. This was Musically then. The third video I posted, “the police interview” went viral overnight. I fell asleep with 12 fans and woke up to about 30k fans. It was insane and it’s been a rise ever since. I believe at the end of the day I hit 60k.”

The dedication to content creation has helped him establish relationships with other prominent content creators on TikTok, many of whom he has collaborated with.

“Alot of the Creators I collaborate with; Jennings Brower, Beer Bong John, Youth Pastor Ryan, Iron Sanctuary, Half Famous. I like seeing cosplayers, I think it’s really cool to be able to see someone recreate their favorite characters” he said.

“Also the creators that make videos about History or Science! I will binge watch someone’s whole page if they do History Education TikToks.”

Like many content creators on TikTok, SimbaOnFire is leveraging the following he has built on the platform to build a community on Twitch.

“I used my TikTok fanbase to start my Twitch channel” SimbaOnFire explains.

“I saved up donations and bought my setup. My fanbase is 100% responsible for getting me here. When it comes to building my Twitch family, we in the Tribe prefer Quality over Quantity. When you come to my streams you come for the vibes and the community. My community has made friendships and relationships for many.

My fans have traveled across the country to meet each other from the bonds they have formed in my streams. AND that is how I want my channel to be built. TikTok is cool and I like making videos to send out, but with Twitch it’s personal, it’s more like family time.”

While he is now working hard at growing his community on Twitch, SimbaOnFire credits the TikTok platform for building him a following.

“TikTok is the main reason for my Twitch following, it is the sole reason for my Twitch channel” he says.

“The challenge lies in creating content that subtly promotes your Twitch channel. And generating enough curiosity for people to want to check it out for themselves.”

For those who may be looking at how they can leverage the TikTok platform to get them a nice start on Twitch, SimbaOnFire provides the following advice:

“CLIPS CLIPS CLIPS. Get clips, whether it’s something hilarious or scary or badasss… WHATEVER, but it has to be good content. Edit the clip. Make it fit vertical for TikTok / IG, add subtitles, and funny camera zooms and effects. Post that shit and let the universe take over”

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Nintendo Sues Popular TikToker and Twitch Streamer




Nintendo is living up to it’s reputation as an aggressive defender of it’s intellectual property and have forced a popular TikTok creator and twitch streamer to completely re-brand.

According to GamerRant, content creator Pokeprincxss, who has racked up 1.9 million followers on TikTok, and an impressive following on Twitch, has been told that she can no longer go by the name pokeprincxss, forcing her to completely re-brand.

She is now known as digitalprincxss instead, and discussed the situation in a recent video posted on YouTube.

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