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Twitch Reverses Jinnytty Ban

Screengrab: Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer and Partner ‘Jinnytty’ initially received a two-week suspension from the platform after she made some controversial comments about a Last of Us 2 character back on July 24th.

Jinnytty apparently received the suspension after making comments towards one of the characters, Abby, and mistakenly called her transgender in an aggressive fashion, after being annoyed by how the character was being portrayed in the game.

She put out the following statement on Twitter:


“I received a suspension on Twitch for commenting on a character called Abby in the Last of Us 2.

I understand taking the clip out of context it does sound really bad.

I was just not interested in Abby’s story during the game. I thought it was boring and exhausting so I just wanted to say I dont want to look at her anymore, but I put it in a wrong way.

I wasn’t 100% sure if she was transgender or not and I saw a lot of people talking about it, so without thinking I thought it was okay to use the word transgender to describe her.

I really didn’t mean to hate on someone and I have nothing against transgender people. I sincerely apologize for anyone who got offended by it and I promise that in the future, I will be more educated and careful with what I say and do on stream.

Thanks for always supporting me and watching me.

I will see you after the ban .”

Jinnytyy was successful in getting the suspension reversed after submitting an appeal to Twitch, and is back streaming on the popular platform.

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