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Far Cry 5 Post Launch Trailer Shows Off DLCs

Far Cry 5 is keeping gamers hyped as they are unveiling their plans for the future of the game.

Ubisoft has released a new Far Cry 5 post launch trailer that reveals upcoming DLC expansions, which will allow players to time travel and slay zombies, among other things.

Philip Fournier, Far Cry 5’s associate producer, posted the following on the PlayStation Blog:

“All of the three DLCs really have their own identity – Mars, the Vietnam War, a post-apocalyptic, zombie scenario – but, at the same time, we found ways to tie them into the main Far Cry 5 narrative. You might find, or hear about characters you met in the main game in these strange new places – even on Mars! I can’t elaborate too much on that, but let’s just say there’s a character in Far Cry 5 who believes we’re being ‘watched’ and, you know, maybe they’re right!”

Check out the trailer below:

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