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Trovo’s Allen Chan Talks Working with Allied Esports, Plans for Platform in 2021


While a lot of businesses and industries took their hits in a challenging 2020, the streaming industry has seen an incredible boom in mainstream popularity, profit, and exposure.

While most are familiar with the heavyweight brand such as Amazon’s Twitch platform, Google’s YouTube, and Facebook Gaming, there are a number of other streaming platforms where content creators can make their name, and build their brand.

One platform in particular is Trovo, which has been making notable strides of their own and is currently partnering with Allied Esports for a series of tournaments all part of the Trovo Holiday Royale.

Events and partnerships such as these, have helped increase the visibility of Trovo, a brand that wants to give streamers a true alternative to other platforms.

“I think the biggest difference here at Trovo is we really want to help smaller streamers grow” Allen Chan, Senior Operations Manager, Trovo said, in an exclusive interview with Sudairy.

“Our $30m Trovo 500 Partnership Program, platform non-exclusivity, fairness and transparency, as well as actively trying to help grow the community by supporting streamer and community events. Also, as a streaming platform that focuses strictly on gaming, our content is relatively balanced across PC, console, and mobile gaming.”

Trovo is ending the 2020 year on a high note, thanks to the event and partnership with Allied, but Chan says there is more in store for 2021.

“We have plans for even larger and more exciting events going into 2021” he promised.

“Focusing on gaming, esports, and making it easier for streamers to transition to Trovo are also things that will continue to happen all throughout the next year.”

And that ease of transition is important to Trovo, as even the biggest streamers have had to make moves this year, such as Ninja, Shroud, and DrDisrespect, to name a few.

However, despite the success of the streaming industry this year, platforms such as Twitch, in particular, have been engaged in an ongoing battle with DMCA takedowns, and streamers have been directly impacted as well.

Chan addressed the DMCA issue, and how Trovo navigates through it.

“If we receive a DMCA request, we take down the content and remove it from the platform” said Chan. “We don’t allow copyright content to be used in streams where the streamer doesn’t have permission from the copyright holder. Also, we do not tolerate harassment on the platform and this is outlined clearly in our community guidelines.”

The topic of community guidelines has been a hot one for the past few years .At the forefront is Amazon’s Twitch and how Twitch enforces their TOS violations, which has left many twitch channels in a state of limbo, as well as streamers confused and outraged.

“Our goal is to treat all community members on the Trovo platform fairly and equally” Chan said.

“If we need to make additions, amendments, or updates to the guidelines, we will do so in a way as to maintain transparency and fairness to the entire community.”

Trovo is currently putting on a series of tournaments called the Trovo Holiday Royale which focuses on mobile games such as PUBG, Call of Duty mobile, and Fortnite.

“When we first launched Trovo (previously called, we had a core community of mobile gamers streaming PUBG MOBILE and Call of Duty mobile” Chan explained.

“We noticed a vacuum in the streaming community where the streaming experience and viewer experience for mobile gaming was severely lacking and wanted to address this. With the advancement of mobile technology such as 5G, VR/AR we believe the mobile gaming trend will continue to grow.

One of the most anticipated mobile game launches of the year still has yet to hit North America, which is League of Legends: Wild Rift. We’re very much looking forward to Wild Rift in North America.

We also have a core community focused on streaming mobile Fortnite and with it being cross platform it made sense to include Fortnite into the Trovo Holiday Royale and bring tournaments that could showcase Trovo talent allowing them to shine.”

The focus on the mobile gaming arena is the unique appeal that may help drive more streamers to the platform in 2021.

Trovo’s partnership with Allied Esports is also introducing more people to the streaming platform, thanks to the Holiday Royale event.

“Allied Esports is one of the most well-known esports tournament organizations and with our focus on growing game livestreaming and esports, it was a natural progression to find a partner with the right expertise” Chan said of Allied Esports.

The event, thus far, has been a big win for Trovo, which Chan says has shown a marked increase in watch hours, and new streamers joining the platform.

“So far for the Trovo Holiday Royale, the Fortnite category has already seen a 25% increase in category watch hours as well as hundreds of new streamers joining the platform over the past few days” Chan said.

“We are looking forward to seeing the results from the PUBG MOBILE and Call of Duty Mobile tournaments as well.”


Today marks the Closed Qualifiers for Call of Duty Mobile  tournament and December 30th  is the Finals of the Allied Esports/Trovo event. Both are live at 3pm ET on

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