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Gamactican ‘Madskadie’ Reaches Twitch Partner




Twitch streamer and Gamactica community member Madskadie has reached a major milestone in her streaming career – reaching partner status on Twitch.

Madskadie, who is based in Australia, has always been a gamer, and that passion for gaming led her to Twitch where she launched her streaming career.

“I started off gaming at a young age, fighting with my brothers and sister over the controller for who would be next” Madskadie told Sudairy. “It didnt stop there, buying my first console with my own money at the age of 15 buying Call of Duty MW.”

All streamers, regardless of the platform they stream on, have to find what works for them, and their audience, as they work towards building their brand.

For Madskadie, she noticed a big increase in her viewership numbers when she started expanding her gaming.

“When I started to play more variety games, I was playing a lot of DBD and I tried out Among Us which is where I started to see the lift in numbers” she said. “I’ve always played a lot of psychological horror games.”

Although she is based in Australia, Madskadie has found her audience to be more from the United States.

“To be honest I actually have quite a high viewer base in America. I’ve found it harder to build an Australian base but I’m working hard on that and finding that I am building it more, the more I network and promote my streams.”

Madskadie’s content creation goes beyond Twitch and streaming, she is also a content creator on TikTok and has a following of over 275,000 followings.

Naturally, she tried to leverage her following to help launch her Twitch channel, but found that the two platforms, and their respective audiences, don’t necessary cross-over as well as one would think.

“I found that it helped to some degree having a following base on tiktok, but if I’m truthful, my gaming content doesn’t do as well on tiktok as I would hope” Madskadie said.

“The thing with tiktok is, once you establish your content in a certain way it can be hard to throw something in the mix such as gaming, but even if you upload something and it gets a smaller amount of views, that’s still an opportunity for people to see you are established on Twitch and come over and check you out.

But to be able to bring people over and they get to see you in a live, vulnerable state they get to encounter more than just a video persona they get a truer sense of your personality etc and if you can show people your genuine self, they are more likely to stay and want to continue coming back through future streams.”

Community is a big part of any streamers channel, and it’s the community on her channel that she values.

“My stream is very community based” she said.

“We’re all one big happy family. I am very much true to who I am in real life, what you see is what you get. I swear like a sailor as I was raised by a sailor and my community enjoys messing with that. I play a lot of variety, I engage a lot with my viewers and people chatting and I just have fun with it. There’s never a dull moment in stream and I am beyond blessed with the incredible people I have by my side throughout this continued journey.”

Now that she has reached Partner status, Madskadie‘s journey is just beginning, and she has set brand new goals for herself, and has teamed up with other streamers.

“Now that I have reached partner I have set new goals for myself” she says. “I recently teamed up with GFC which was established by Barrr_none, that is our team title on Twitch which is made up of not just bigger and partnered streamers, but also smaller streamers which I think is incredible to be apart of.

My current goals now are to establish more collab streams and integrate a bigger genre of games and gaming styles into my stream to engage more people and also keep them wanting to come back and be apart of the community.”

Madskadie understands the work involved in reaching Twitch partner status, and how some streamers have been struggling to reach the elusive milestone, but says that persistence and promotion is key.

“Keep persisting. Promoting is key. Twitch’s algorithim isn’t the greatest so promoting on other platforms is the key to finding a bigger reach. Also networking, raiding out even with small numbers, going and hanging out in streams and forming relationships in other streams will help to build your own community and you’ll start to find you have intertwining communities.”

Madskadie is a part of the Gamactica community, and you can leave a review for her channel in the Stream Directory right here.

Don’t forget to follow her on Twitch, so you can continue to support her channel moving forward.



Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Officially Announced



Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

Rockstar Games officially announced last week that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will make it’s way to Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, iOS, and Android in the first half of 2022.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition includes Grand Theft Auto IIIGrand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with “across-the-board upgrades, including graphical improvements and modern gameplay enhancements, while still maintaining the classic look and feel of the originals.”

The existing versions of Grand Theft Auto IIIGrand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be removed from digital storefronts starting this week.

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Bandai Namco Drops Part 2 of Super Robot Wars 30 Video Series



Super Robot Wars 30

Bandai Namco has released the second part of it’s “Super Robot Wars 30 Primer” gameplay video series entitled “Primer Part 2: Combat”.

In the new video Lian Anbird voice actor Karin Takahashi plays the game, while Super Robot Wars series producer Takanobu Terada and Super Robot Wars 30 producer Shouhei Mogami provide the commentary.

Super Robot Wars 30 is set to arrive on the Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch in Japan and Asia with English subtitled, and PC via Steam globally on October 28th.

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Pokimane Says Shane Dawson’s Apology “Disingenuous”




Twitch superstar and OfflineTV streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys isn’t buying the apology issued by Shane Dawson, who claims he was “cancelled” after he received backlash over controversial comments from his past resurfaced online back in 2020.

Dawson took a hiatus that lasted all the way until his return on October 7th.

Still, Pokimane issued her criticism of Dawson’s apology, calling it “disingenuous“.

“Like, if you really care about something, like, ‘hey I want to come back” she said during a recent live stream (h/t Dexerto). I want to seriously apologize and I want people to know how aware I am of the sh**ty things that I did’… When someone’s serious they look like they feel bad, they say at lengths what they did wrong. That’s how you really do it.”

“Whereas if someone is like, “Sorry you feel that way. If you hate me you’re gonna hate me, and omg my cat’s so cute!” If someone apologized like that, you would be like, ‘What?!’… It just wouldn’t feel right,” she said.

“The way he summarized it, I felt kind of sucked, where he was like “All these clips came out, and that was bad. And if I talk about how I really feel about it, then people will say I just want sympathy.” … But then it’s like, maybe you haven’t thought about what you did long enough.”

“All the things he listed, none of them were like, “I felt bad about what I’ve done. And like I wanted to give people time and space.” People need time to get over, and you need to showcase you’ve changed,” she continued.

“If you’re going to go off the internet for like two years, specifically because of you being canceled. When you come back and it’s your first video back, I think you need to acknowledge what you did. And in acknowledging what you’ve done wrong, you need to say that you’re sorry, to showcase that you’re genuinely sorry.”

“You need to go about things the way you genuinely feel. If you feel you are sorry, say you’re sorry. But you also have to accept that if you choose not to apologize and some people think that makes you disingenuous then so be it. But the vibes that I get is that he’s unsure.”

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