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Family Recovers Most of $20K Twitch Donations Son Made

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Last month we shared the story about a family whose son made around $20,000 in Twitch donations to his favorite twitch streamers playing Fortnie, wiping out most of their savings, but now it seems they are on track to have a much happier ending to the story.

Initially, the family (who have remained anonymous) said that their attempts to recoup the money from Twitch have been fruitless as they had been unable to get in contact with Twitch.

According to Dot Esports, the mother got adjustment credits on most of the transactions with the condition that the account is “permanently blocked to prevent future unauthorized charges,” according to the Xsolla chat agent, which she was referred to by her now-deleted Reddit post.

“I am so relieved to have the money restored to my account and let the nightmare end,” she said, per the article. “At this point, it’s within a few hundred dollars, and I am happy to have received what I did, and am not going to pursue the difference.”

The post on Reddit motivated people to reach out, including “a couple of young people” who “destroyed” their relationships with their parents after taking money from their accounts.

“I heard and felt the pain from those kids, now adults, who shared their stories with me so I wouldn’t make the same mistake,” she said. “I listened to them. I realized that although what he had done was bad, losing the money was not worth losing my child.”

The mother went on to express her frustrations with hitting a brick wall with Twitch” when trying to get her money back.”

“The fact that no one would respond, and there was no way to speak with anyone was horrible,” she said. “That was probably the worst.”

Now it appears that they can start to put this nightmare behind them.

“This was a tough time for our family, but hopefully we will all grow from this and be a stronger family,” she said.


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