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Dr Disrespect Discusses Anxiety Attacks Due to Twitch Ban

Dr. Disrespect
Image: Sudairy

While popular streamer Dr Disrespect may have found a new home on YouTube, his mysterious and unexplained Twitch ban from earlier this summer has left quite the impact on him psychologically.

During his stream on August 31st, Doc discussed his battles with anxiety as a result of the psychological impact that his ban from Twitch had on him.

Doc was one of the most popular, and successful streamers on Amazon’s streaming platform, and had just inked a lucrative exclusive streaming deal with Twitch not long before he was inexplicably banned.

“I’ve played sports my whole life, been in high-pressure situations – free-throws, game on the line, obviously streaming in front of tons of people with the game on the line – we’ve lived a good life, and I’ve never dealt with anxiety before,” Doc said during the stream (h/t Dexerto).

“The fact that I am here live on YouTube, it’s been a fantastic return, but my anxiety levels are something that comes in these huge waves and I’m having a hard time dealing with it, I’ll be honest.”

Doc also went on to reference to prior bans, and coming back through their associated challenges.

“It was on me, I accepted the responsibility” he admitted. “What do I accept in this case? I don’t accept anything and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“So, there might be days where the Doc seems off/feels off, we’re trying to learn the dark alleyway man – we’re trying to get out of it” he continued. “So, to think that I’m here and I’m just moving on – I’m not, I can’t. How? Right, how? How can I? I’m trying, but how can I?”

You can check out the stream on Youtube below. Around 3:5730 mark he starts his discussion into anxiety.

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