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CodeMiko Discusses Twitch Ban


Popular Twitch streamer and VTuber CodeMiko is finally speaking following her two-week ban from the Amazon streaming platform.

The latest ban was another over the course of the past year for the streamer, who is known for her interactive channel and interviews on stream and commands one of the most popular live VTube streams and VOD Vtube shows on the internet.

“It was not because of the word simp” CodeMiko explained, in an interview with Dot Esports. “It is a long story, but the short of it is, I messed up when I was chatting with a friend and fellow streamer and kind of got lost in the moment.”

CodeMiko has a return stream planned for February 5th, but went into detail as to why she was hit with the ban this time around.

“So I have this interview content and basically feature other streamers” she explained regarding the ban.

“During an interview, they often share things with me and send it to me to show on stream. So they will share it and I will put it on screen.

At this particular moment, we were talking about female harassment online and I asked her what was like the worst comment she had ever received. When I saw the email, it was pretty bad and was more like a threat than a comment. From my experience, threats are almost never from a user’s actual email address, but when I threw up the screenshot, that is basically what got me banned. I violated terms [of service] around privacy.”

Moving forward, CodeMiko is enlisting an account manager, and will focus on the innovative side of her content.

“I am getting myself an account manager and I think that will help a lot when it comes to communication with Twitch” she said. “Once I get one, I hope communication will go a lot smoother in the future. ”

“I want to focus more on the innovative side of my content and really push more in the direction of creating fun things to drive that live interaction, in terms of mini-games I can play with chat and the guests during our interviews” she continued. “I imagine it will be like my interviews but on steroids.

“Basically, I want to focus on adding more interactive aspects to chat that will help the humor of the interviews and situations within the interviews and just adding a lot of color to the content.

I am always super excited for new stuff. Currently, I was only working on interview content, but now, I am going to implement game show aspects to it as well. I have been going head-on with the live, interactivity part of it. I am planning my return stream to have big streamers that I have worked with and making it into a really fun event.

I am also just planning out my everyday content as well and it will have different things other than interviews.”

CodeMiko also talked about the impact VTubers have had on the streaming industry.

“I think it’s great! I really like the creative side of Twitch, and it is really exciting to see different content creators try new things and bring new, innovative content out because it just shows that you can do really cool things with just livestreaming.

I feel like it makes the future of entertainment in this livestreaming and digital format really exciting. So I hope it keeps expanding and more new things pop up on the creative side of Twitch.”

You can read the entire interview on Dot Esports.

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