Thanks to a live webfeed from, we can now provide up-to-date news stories from the middle east.

And visit our new music page! It’s a directory of middle eastern music, both traditional and modern. We expect this directory to grow quickly. Check out this month’s featured track!

We’ve also recently updated our favorite links page. A big thank you to those who contributed links to their favorite sites. If you know of a site that belongs on this page, please tell us about it!

Now, here’s something you can do for someone less fortunate. With a few clicks of your mouse, the sponsors of the Hunger Site, ClickForACause and will donate food to a person in need. You can make one donation per day through each organization. It’s so easy, there’s absolutely no excuse not to do it!

Speaking of donations and finances, don’t get duped by payday loans and their commercials. Be careful when shopping online.

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