Man’s Best Friend… and Woman’s too!

The Saluki is thought to be the world’s first domesticated dog. They are also uncommonly elegant, loyal, and never boring. Our daughter, Emily, found 11 month old Bowie at Gentle Giants Rescue in Norco, California. He’s been her best friend ever since, and grows more handsome by the day.

If you’re interested in adopting elsewhere in the United States, we highly recommend visiting the Saluki Tree of Life Alliance.

Salukis are intelligent animals, and learn very quickly using the Affection Training Method, which is designed specifically for sighthounds. This method is spelled out in Only Angels: How to Raise and Train the Perfect Sighthound by Cherie Fehrman.

For more information about this uniquely enchanting breed, visit theSaluki Club of America and the Society for the Perpetuation of Desert Bred Salukis.

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