Great Causes

Susan Ji-Young Park. She and famous Algerian Chef Farid Zadi (who we’ll be featuring next month) are on the board of Slow Food Pan-Arab, a division of Slow Food International. Susan is also the California Coordinator for World Food Corps Seed Bank, a program Chef Zadi also avidly supports. A program which gives you the opportunity to help countries suffering from dessertification grow fresh foods.

To find out how you can collect seeds from the foods you eat and where to send them, please visit Susan’s WFCS blog. She has also created visual aids for teachers who are interested in implementing this wonderful community building and experiential learning project in their classrooms.


It’t time to revel in the changing world of marijuana. More specifically, it’s time to visit the growing number of marijuana dispensaries that are popping up all around the world. The market isn’t going to be dominated by the vape shops or the countless number of smoke shops that have cornered the industry of recreational smoking for years. Now, it’s all about 420 shops and the dispensaries that are popping up all over the country and the world! So when you 420, now you have options, including a list of marijuana doctors that can help you get a script for your medical condition.

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