Clean Eating DessertsA Message from Tiffany McCauley

Tiffany is the author of Clean Eating Desserts and the popular blog “The Gracious Pantry“:

National Clean Eating Day is both a day to celebrate and a grassroots movement to bring healthy and nutritious eating to the forefront of nutrition awareness for many Americans. For too long, we have been blindly eating what is put in front of us. We have not questioned or pondered where that food comes from. And now, we have a national obesity epidemic to show for it. But I believe in the power of the human spirit, and I believe that as a country, we can turn this epidemic around. I believe we can be a nation of strong, healthy individuals who demand quality in their food and awareness of how our food is grown and produced.

Join me, Tiffany McCauley, in celebrating this day on October 1st. Please visit for tips and ideas on how to celebrate, as well as clean eating information. And don’t forget to sign the petition to have this day legally instated!

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