aubergine dolmas

8 small round aubergines (or 4 large ones)
a cupful of cooked rice
1/4 lb of minced mutton (either raw or cooked)
2 tomatoes
Lemon juice
a few pine nuts or walnuts
Olive oil

Mix the cooked rice with the well-seasoned meat, a chopped fried onion or two, the chopped tomatoes, and some marjoram, mint, or basil. Cut about an inch off the thin end of the aubergines, and with a small spoon scoop out most of the flesh. Cut this into dice and mix it with the prepared stuffing.

Fill the aubergines with the stuffing (not too full), put the tops in, inverted, so that they fit like corks, lay them in a pan with a little olive oil; let this get hot and then pour hot water over them to come half-way up. Simmer for 30 minutes, add the juice of a lemon, and cook very slowly another 30 minutes. There should be just a very little sauce left by the time they are ready. If there is any stuffing over, use it to fill tomatoes, which can be baked and served with the aubergines.

Recipe from “A Book of Mediterranean Food” by Elizabeth David

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